Monika Łagowska: legal counsel and the founder of the Firm; she holds the license of an official receiver and a restructuring advisor, no. 151, is a member of a supervisory board and a lawyer with fourteen years of experience in legal services provided to international corporations; she has worked, for instance, for one of the first German developers and operators of shopping centers in the Polish market (ECE Projektmanagement Polska sp. z o.o.), the Alpine Bau Deutschland group of companies, Stump-Hydrobudowa sp. z o.o., Deutsche Leasing Polska S.A., and the developer of the Magnolia Park shopping center in Wrocław.

Monika Łagowska also has experience in providing legal services to companies in the automotive industry and the chemical industry.

She specializes most of all in bankruptcy and restructuring law and, since 2006, has been an official receiver, a court supervisor, a temporary court supervisor, and a mandatory administrator in over 80 bankruptcy and restructuring proceedings. She represents creditors and debtors in bankruptcy and restructuring proceedings, prepares restructuring plans, bankruptcy petitions, and petitions for prohibition to conduct business operations, and provides consulting services in the area of optimization of risk prior to transactions.

Since 2007, she has provided legal services to a public university which is also an organizational unit of the public finance sector; she provides consulting services to municipal companies, has participated in a project of the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection and of the European Commission in the area of consumer law with a trans-border element, as well as in other EU projects. Her experience includes ongoing legal services in the area of management of shopping centers in Gdańsk, Kraków, Łódź, and Wrocław. She has negotiated the hedging conditions for investment projects with banks and has drafted and negotiated lease contracts, service contracts, construction works contracts, and other contracts in the investment process.

She represents her customers in court and enforcement cases, coordinates due dilligence processes, provides advice to members of a supervisory board and a management board in matters related to ongoing operations of the company.

She represents contractors and employers in public tender procedures (in particular in projects involving construction of bus and train stations and other public spaces combined with construction of shopping centers), she drafts contract templates for terms of reference documents, consortium contracts for the public administration sector and the private sector, and financing contracts between intermediary bodies in the transfer of EU funds and beneficiaries (private and public sector).

She has completed graduate studies at the SGH Warsaw School of Economics in the area of "Preparation and management of Public-Private Partnership (PPP) Projects" and "Company crisis management;" also she teaches university students and conducts dedicated training courses. She speaks English and German and holds an international certificate confirming competence in the German language at the B2 and C1 level (Austrian German Language Diploma - ÖSD).



T: +48 509 333 453

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