• contractors
  • general contractors
  • developers and managers of shopping centers
  • owners and lessees of real estate
  • lease holders and lessors
  • entrepreneurs planning to start a business
  • business owners planning to change the form of their business operations
  • banks and financial institutions and their customers.

We provide consulting services at all stages of the contract:

  • analysis of customers' needs
  • selection of optimum ways to achieve the objective
  • the stage of verification of the credibility of the business partner
  • the stage of submission of proposals
  • preparation of public tender procedures (tenders on the side of the contractor and of the employer, advice in drafting of the ToR)
  • drafting of letters of intent
  • negotiations and drafting of preliminary contracts
  • negotiations and conclusion of contracts
  • establishing securities for the customer's claims (liens, mortgages, deposits, guarantees, bills of exchange, and ownership transfer agreements)
  • supervision over proper performance of concluded contracts

We also represent our customers in arbitration proceedings and before common courts of law. We have many years of experience in verification of contracts for provision of services for the public and private sector, with particular focus on risk management.

Depending on the needs of our customers we draft and negotiate commercial contracts, including:

contracts in public tender procedures (for ToR's)

  • complex loan contracts
  • lease contracts (especially pertaining to process lines for the agricultural, dairy, automotive, and recycling sectors)
  • commercial space lease contracts on behalf of the lessee and the developer (shopping centers and office buildings)

contracts for construction work and other contracts in the investment project process (contracts with general contractors and subcontractors, contracts for inspector supervision)

  • contracts for performance bonds (guarantees, registered pledges, pledges on the enterprise and on the inventory, mortgages, letters of credit, contractual penalties, deposits, bills of exchange, contracts for transfer of ownership)
  • contract assignments (claims trading)
  • restructuring contracts
  • contracts with management staff
  • contracts in the area of labor law
  • contracts in the area of copyrights and intellectual property
  • contracts related to marketing and advertisement
  • company articles of association