• entrepreneurs starting new businesses
  • persons conducting business operations
  • business owners changing the form of their operations (transformations, mergers, takeovers, and liquidation)

We have considerable experience in consulting services related to ongoing operations of companies. We provide ongoing legal support to shareholders' meetings and meetings of governing bodies of companies (supervisory boards and management boards).

We offer services to companies at the stage of liquidation, as well as the service of a liquidator or an administrator.

We act quickly, accurately, and effectively in the domestic market and in trans-border transactions.

Proper drafting of transaction documents before the transaction starts certainly reduces the risk of loss faced by a company.

An effective transaction depends on:

  • proper performance of the due diligence process
  • proper drafting of the contract
  • proper selection of the debt collateral to be effective when the other party to the contract is declared bankrupt or insolvent

Reduction to a minimum of the consequences of bankruptcy of a business partner depends on the actions taken at the stage of conclusion of the contract.

One must keep in mind that, unlike in other countries, in Poland, in the bankruptcy proceedings conducted to date, creditors have recovered 2% to 10% of their debts from official receivers. In many cases, creditors have recovered none of their debts.